Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Morning in the Life

I wanted to give you a peek into a normal morning in Jack's life. When he's not in therapy and just being a kid at home, he finds all sorts of fun things to do.

Pretty much first thing in the morning, he goes over to our sunroom where there are huge windows looking out into our back yard. I think he's looking outside, checking the weather. And if I could bet on it, longing for warmer days when we can go out and play in the grass (mommy is, too).

And if you didn't already know this, he likes to sing and yell and say all of his favorite words... REALLY LOUD.

Then he likes to go into the kitchen and inspect each cabinet that will open... and close, open and close. Whenever he is in deep concentration, that little tongue comes right out.

Daisy is always close by, watching the action.

And I try to have my camera close by to catch moments like this. Beautiful boy.

If you notice, we try to have Jack's shoes on first thing in the morning. The support helps him walk (either wearing his braces in his tennis shoes or these boots, which support his ankles).

Then Jack finds his toy box and sets about unloading and inspecting each and every toy. He reads his books and finds his favorites.

We're working real hard in therapy on learning how to put things back in to something. It will be nice when he helps me put the toys away!

And finally, Jack will want to watch a show. He's still on an Elmo, Sesame Street, and Baby Einstein kick, but new this week is our homework for speech therapy. We've been working on asking "please", saying the word and using the sign, whenever Jack wants to watch. It's been cool seeing it start to click!

Sprinkled into all that fun is breakfast and usually, some coffee for mama. I love our little mornings at home!
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Aidan and Evanna said...

I can tell you enjoy the everyday life with Jack a lot! He is so adorable, everything he does every moment is precious memory! I am jealous of you!

Our Beautiful Family said...

These are the mornings I love the most. When you know there isn't much to do during the day, and your little one can just enjoy :) beautiful!