Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Imagine having only one arm and hand, and then suddenly, not being able to use it. That's where Jack is right now. Last night I held him in my arms and he just cried and cried. No one said this whole casting thing would be easy.

But... but!

We've already seen more use out of Jack's left hand than ever before. He has pushed toy buttons with it and he has also used it to turn pages in books. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Everyone's said that this first week will be the hardest and longest. We are only on day two and time is going by very slowly.

Jack can no longer play independently, which is probably the hardest thing. That means lots and lots and lots of frustrated playing with mommy or daddy. Jack doesn't want our help and he certainly doesn't want us showing him that his left hand can do some things! All of his favorite activities are now very hard and I can tell he is pretty exhausted from all the mental anguish.

We decided to go to a friend's house this morning, which was a good thing, a good distraction. We've tried to pack this week full of stuff so that Jack can get out of the house and not be reminded constantly that he can't play with abandon. It's especially hard for him to be in his own bedroom right now... all of his favorite toys and he can't figure out how to play with them yet. I'm really hoping he will pick it up quick!

Here are some cell phone pics of Jack getting casted.

Good thing we brought along the portable DVD player!

Then, when we got home, Jack quickly figured out how to pull himself up (something that we were worried about), since he can't yet stand up independently.

The cast goes all the way over his elbow. And it's so very heavy.

And it's white. That thing is going to get soo dirty. I think we need to jazz it up... any ideas?

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Nik, Lindsay and Pierce Franks said...

Ok this pictures totally broke my heart! I want to just snatch him up and hug him. Poor Jack. It sounds like you're already seeing great results though, so it will be worth it in the end! And I'm sure this time next week, he'll be a pro at using that left hand. How long does he need to stay in the cast?

Beth Willmore said...

Good luck! I know you guys can do it!