Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday - That Little Hand

I've been sitting here, trying to remember what Jack's little hand felt like as he touched my finger. Almost like feathers in how delicate they were. Gently feeling and sometimes grasping onto my finger as if to say "is that you, mama?".

We still like to hold hands.
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Samantha said...

Shows how precious life really is!

Michelle said...

I remember it feeling heavenly, almost angelic like they were trying to tell me that they were going to make it. I also remember being so scared that their tiny little fingers might just break; they were so fragile and delicate.

dlspence said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I have 26w 4d, micropreemie triplets(ggb). I remember their fingers being this small and how when they held my fingertip all 4 fingers fit on my thumbnail. They are now 15 months old and have come so far!! We are so blessed!

Jessi said...

@dlspence - wow! triplets!! That's amazing. Thanks so much for commenting and for reading. I love to hear stories about these amazing babies.