Monday, February 20, 2012

Epic Weekend

Before Jack, it used to be just us two. Now you're thinking, well... duh! But I often forget that there was a time in our lives where we didn't have a medically fragile child. Where our biggest concern was our careers, our relationships, or heck, even what we were going to do for the weekend.

When I was living it, I didn't know how easy I had it. Sure, I was working pretty hard in my career, but my perspective on my own life with quite small. I'm sure this is the normal process of growing up, of learning there is a much bigger world out there. I guess that's what your 20's are for. 

This weekend, I had a small glimpse, a reminder of what my life used to be like. And maybe, just maybe, what my life could be like, again. You see, Grams was here. Grams equals free babysitting. Thank God for Grandparents, right!?

Here's a snapshot of what we did:

-dinner out with husband Thursday night
-Friday attended an important all day hearing to watch my husband, then dinner out and a movie on Friday night with him.
-Saturday lunch out with Grams and shopping, dinner out with husband and going to watch our friend play live music, getting home at midnight (what? people are out after 10pm?)
-Sunday morning breakfast with friends, church with husband (sans Jack) lunch out with husband
-right now... husband home for President's Day

Now, I know what you're thinking. Why is she being that annoying person who is all "look at what I got to do." No, that's not it. I do have a point. Hear me out:

When I realized it was Monday and that I normally blog on Mondays, my thoughts immediately went to what I did this weekend. It crossed my mind that there was a time when I never thought I would get another packed-full-of-fun weekend. When I thought my life would revolve around caring for my micro preemie around the clock, all hours of the day. No break. 

I know many of you are in RSV isolation right now. Your one concern is keeping your child healthy. You can't even imagine a time when you will pack your weekend full of fun activities again. I was there, and I thought those same things, too. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it WILL get better.

So keep your chin up, fellow preemie parent. The RSV isolation, the feeding struggles, the worry and anxiety about development... over time, it slowly settles. You will get there. And you will look back in thankfulness, for everything your preemie has taught you. 

Time will move on, you will create a new normal, and eventually, you will have your own Epic Weekend.
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kwunderli said...

I needed you post today so thank you! I feel like my stress is at its peak and wondering if it will ever get easier! So thank you there is hope! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessi, today we had our 11 mth check up. Of course after the dr. explained he would like to see our little one put more weight on a grow more inches(she is our, 1 lbs, 6 oz miracle survivor ) I just wanted to cry...he said we are doing everything correctly but as mom sometimes you feel you aren't doing enough. I needed to see your post today...RSV season is difficult and it is wearing thin on my dh and I. Strangely, our dr. said it is ok to take her out when no one is really out. I just can't take that risk. My anxiety is too high. She gets the synergist vaccine, came home on no oxygen but im not ready. Your post gives be something positive to look forward too! Thank you!

Sarah Pope said...

I'm so glad that you've had a great weekend. You certainly deserve it! Looking forward to day when we can find someone capable enough to handle our little munchkin on a regular basis too...
Have a great President's Day!

Ashley said...

So Jealous! Busy Bea is heading to Ganma's this weekend for a visit and I'll have TWO! ENTIRE! NIGHTS! alone with my husband. I'd like to think we'll have as fun of a weekend as you guys did; but we'll probably lounge and sleep :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing this post. RSV season is definitely taking its toll. My twin 26 weekers took 10 months to get off oxygen and I'm fighting to keep it that way. But no one outside the micro preemie community understands. Every other day I get someone telling me that I should get the boys out there, expose them to the world or their immune systems won't develop. I keep trying to explain that we need to protect their lungs, that every month they go without a cold, flu or RSV is a huge chance for those little lungs to grow big and strong. But I am tired of explaining, tired of having the world decide what is best for my children when they have no clue of their medical needs.
Thank you for writing, for your post on surviving RSV season and for your upbeat outlook on life. Your Jack is amazing, and so are you.


Jessi said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks for the kind words! You are right - many will not understand... and they will question. It is SO annoying! You are doing such a good job at protecting your twins! And you are so close to being able to get out and about! Keep your chin up!