Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When Your Child Doesn't Say Mama

Is Jack non-verbal? I'm not sure, but he definitely doesn't say much. At one point last year we counted and he said around 25 words. At the time, it was an appropriate number for his age. But since, and especially this past summer and fall, he seemed to regress and his vocabulary shrunk dramatically. He now says 4 words on a consistent basis.  He is more likely to scream in frustration or excitement to communicate with us.

We've chalked this up to his total focus on learning how to walk, but is there something more going on? Jack's therapists have ruled out him being on the Autism spectrum, although they can never say that with 100% certainty. We know the link between micro preemies and Autism is very high, so it's always something to consider.

Jack has never been in speech therapy for any traditional reason. But when we noticed that Jack wasn't progressing with communication and seemed to be digressing, we decided to get him into traditional speech therapy, which I'm excited to say, starts next week!

For 2012, our communication goals are:

-increase in vocabulary, regaining the use of old words and adding many, many more ("mama", please?!).
-be able to follow simple commands
-more interaction skills
-increase in attention span
-increase in overall understanding of what mommy and daddy are saying

* since we've never been in speech therapy, I don't know the proper terminology for a lot of these goals, so please forgive me... I'll know more soon.

Can't wait to see where 2012 takes us with communication!

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amy said...

i can't remember if our therapist, neuro doc or some other medical sort told us that when they are working so hard to do one thing - it's hard for them to do the other. Which kind of makes sense.

jaymie said...

How did they rule out (as much as possible) autism?
Talk jack talk! I'm sure he will respond great to the focused attention on speech. We didn't start kanyon in traditional ST until he was 3. Yeah for a new year of great goals!

Julie said...

Your terminology sounds pretty professional. :) Can I just copy and paste?

Julia said...

i havent heard about a link between micro preemie and autism.. yet another thing to worry about! sucks! hope Jack starts talking up a storm. my ST also said that when they focus on motor usually verbal takes a back burner!

Rebekah said...

Dream big! Jack does have the very best speech therapist!

Samantha said...

Dreaming big is exactly what he deserves! Fabulous goals! "Dink" is a great start!!! Way to go, Jack!!