Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Totally In Love.. oh and some goals.

I'm in love. Like, totally.

I know I've said it before, but my little guy makes my heart swoon. This morning we cuddled on the couch, intermixed with giggles and kisses. He likes to sit right next to me now in the mornings. He used to be content playing with his toys and watching his favorite shows, but now, he wants to be right next to me. I love it. Seriously, there is nothing better than his adoring eyes and cute antics. Nothing.

So my heart feels like it might just burst this morning. I know this is totally sappy, but ya know what? I don't care. It is what is is. And I don't know how long this mommy-loving will last, so I'm just gonna drink it up.

Today we head off to another town for a couple therapy appointments. Jack is seeing his new physical therapist and feeding therapist.

I know I promised to write about goals for this next year. As far as physical therapy is concerned, here is what we hope and dream will happen during 2012:

-more stability and balance
-getting from seated to standing position independently (without the use of furniture to pull himself up with)
-independent standing (not just in short increments, but able to STAND for as long as he wants)
-walking long distances
-going up and down stairs
-maybe, just maybe, running (we dream big in this house!)

For feeding therapy, here are our 2012 goals

-texture, texture, texture! My dream is for Jack to ask me for a cookie. I would give him whatever he wants, really. Seriously, he doesn't understand his power!
-eating table foods
-no more buying in the baby food aisle
-drinking all hydration needs
-maybe, just maybe, taking that g-tube out for good!

We need our cheering section now more than ever. Thank you, our faithful readers for being a listening ear and encouragement to us!

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Julia said...

Sounds like the goals we set for Colin! We just crawled last week and working on standing and maybe walking??? Feeding.... Hmmm.. Do you hate the g tube as much as I do?? Stupid thing got yanked out 3 times already!! He doesn't want to eat at all and trying new textures is key.. Does Jack like anything? Colin doesn't care for food much.. Does Jack have reflux?? It's awful

Jessi said...

I love a love/hate relationship with the g-tube. It really saved his life a year or so ago, so for that, I am thankful. It is also nice for meds and because Jack doesn't drink at all, a life-saver. But I am SO ready for it to be gone. I can't wait for the day where we don't have to worry about it!!

Jack eats purees very well. He just doesn't like texture at all. Jack did have reflux until he was about 2 and then grew out of it. He was on Prevacid and Zantac for it.

Julia said...

Any advice? I feel like I am beatin my head against the wall some days.. Also dealing w other unrelated issues that make me nuts!! How did you handle all the crap?

Angie said...

You can do it Jack!!!! This is going to be a great year for all of you!

Rebekah said...

The Harris cheering crew is right behind the Bennion family! GO JACK GO!!!

marcie said...

I can't wait to read your year end post next December to hear all about Jack's many accomplishments for the year. Go Jack! You have a lot of people cheering for you!

Jessi said...

Hey Julia!

I had all afternoon to think about your question for advice. I wish I had a place with all my "advice to preemie parents" posts. (totally something for my to-do list!). I am sorry you are dealing with so much! Sometimes things are so very overwhelming. I've thought this many, many times, but feeding issues have been the single biggest cause of worry, depression, and time spent in general, out of all the preemie issues we have had. There is nothing as frustrating in my opinion! Add in everything else that goes along with life, and sometimes it feels like TOO MUCH.

I found this in a brief search: http://www.lifewithjack.com/2011/06/just-mom-and-jackpants.html

I don't know your whole situation, but I just want you to know that things will get better as your kid gets older. It's what everyone says and I'm desperately grasping onto that and believing it!

As for specific feeding advice, what type of therapy are you getting for it? Do you feel your therapist has a good plan in place to get you where you need to be?

katieoz said...

my heart bursts with you :) Gush away!!!