Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful Third Thursday

The rules: On the third Thursday of every month, I will write about 10 things I am thankful for.

Why? Because the lovely mummypinkwellies (you know when you see "mummy" you got a Brit blogger!) asked me to join in the fun. And I accepted!

10 Things I Am Thankful For

1) This yummy brownie I am eating right now
2) Photography
3) Our Jeep that gets us through a foot of snow
4) That my brother is visiting this month from China. He's coming to see us this weekend!
5) Books, books, and more books
6) That "restless" feeling that motivates
7) My husband looking smokin' hot in his new suit
8) Snow, beautiful snow
9) Giggly boy
10) Reading this sentence from Jack's Seattle feeding therapist:
"Sounds like Jack has made some great gains. I know it seems slow to you Jessi, but those are big changes since I have seen you all"
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Mummypinkwellies said...

Yay! Thanks Jessi.

Love that very British Mummy :)


Julia said...

How long was Jack in feeding therapy? Our GI wants us to start cutting out a meal so he will want to eat... Not working!! Did Jack have bad reflux? Please tell me somehow it gets better??

Julie said...

Love it. Double posting (thanks snow!). My 10:

1. pushing myself to do fun stuff with my kiddos today
2. coffee creamer
3. hot wild rice soup
4. friends
5. internet connection to the outside world
6. my husband doing the shoveling
7. my husband, in general, particularly that he's home!
8. books, books, books (with you there!)
9. writing
10. the chocolate pie that is waiting for me to eat it

Jessi said...

Julie - Love your list!

Julia - Jack's been in feeding therapy since we got home from the NICU. He did an intensive (2 weeks) at Seattle Children's Hospital. You can read about it here:

Jack had reflux, but what really got Jack to eat finally was the Seattle program. It is a hunger-based program, where they cut back calories almost 90% and then work on eating. It's what got Jack to eat. Skipping a meal would just not have worked. He had to feel very HUNGRY.