Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Jack got this toy as a baby shower gift. I don't remember who gave it to us, but I would LOVE to thank them again. It has saved us more times than not.

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes has helped us through every single head ultrasound that Jack's had. It's saved us through every horrible eye exam. It's helped us calm him down during check ups. And it even distracted him enough to make him eat when he was desperately hungry and losing weight fast. Best. toy. ever.

It plays soft music and lights up. Pretty simple, but for some reason, it mesmerizes Jack. Here he is, just before surgery. The toy calming him down.

Guess what? He still loves this toy and it has lasted almost three years. That's a pretty good investment of $9! (Thank you baby shower gift bringer!)

I swear, this toy is magic. I get it for pretty much anyone about to have a baby. And I've been known to send it off in the mail to little ones who will likely have lots of Dr. appointments. It will come in handy. We gave one to Jack's eye doctor after hearing him ooh and ahh over how well it distracted Jack and made him sit still and focus his eyes. The doc proceeded to buy an extra 5 for his office.

It's the best. Really. And as Pioneer Woman would say - this ain't no paid advertisement!
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1115 said...

My daughter LOVES and I mean LOVES that same exact toy:-)
P.s. I love reading your blog:-)

Heather L said...

Our Jack loves the exact same toy! He's 18 months now, and I put it "away" in a toy bin...he found it and still loves it. I remember that his Great Aunt Barb got it for him :)

Emily Real said...

Oh my gosh, that sweet picture of him lying on the ground listening to it is my favorite! (Do I say that about too many of your Jack pics? ha ha). PW would be proud of your unashamed recommendation. ;)

Jord said...

We received this toy at our baby shower too. I haven't gotten it out yet, because I thought he was too young. I am going straight to Luke's room now to grab that toy.
Thanks for the heads up.

Angie said...

I hope I remember this when I am at the store!

Angie said...

I've had the same toy for mine when they were little. It was definitely a favorite!