Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Jack likes to hang out in the hallway. I think it's because he can be in the middle of all the action. He always has a favorite toy with him (which oftentimes is a remote or some such item... yesterday's cell phone?). 

So stinkin' cute. 

Today Mr. Jack has been really frustrated. Seems he is on some sort of hunger strike this week and refuses to eat (teeth maybe?). He's also decided that "No Nap Jack" needed to made a resurgence. Those combined make our Jackpants a Mr. Crabbypants.

I'm hoping our sweet little, cell phone and remote loving guy makes a comeback soon!
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Auntie Lib said...

Sounds to me like very normal two-year-old behavior. The little guy's just trying to control his world - which consists mostly of Mom and Dad. Let me know who wins.

PS - The war continues at least until they get the keys to the car...

Iris said...

knowing your sweet boy only from your pics, but it seems to me he sprung recently? he looks so grown!

Jessi said...

So far, Jack is totally winning! And yes, Jack looks so much older to me, too. Definitely a big boy now!

Carie said...

I know I've probably said this before, but Jack sure is beautiful!