Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Nothing makes me cringe more than a call to the therapist office to cancel. I don't know what it is. I mean, I get calls all the time on the other end... about a therapist canceling because they have a hair appointment, are going out of town, have a sick kid, etc. I don't take offense when someone cancels, because we've all been there. But for some reason, I get all nervous when I have to call and cancel.

Take today for example. There is this winter weather advisory hanging over our heads and today is the day that we are supposed to get in the car and travel 3ish hours on (what could be) bad roads. I religiously check the weather websites. I noticed that it's supposed to start snowing, and snow hard, around 4pm today. That is right when I would be making our journey back home. Add to that driving in the dark, and I just don't feel like chancing it.

Still, you never know with weather and it could totally be fine all day. I always say better safe than sorry and I don't want to chance it. But I just HATE canceling.

I had to cancel a commitment last night and that also produced some intense nerves and back and forth over whether it was the right decision. Why can't I just cancel and feel OK about it? Maybe it's because I pride myself on not being "that flaky person"? I don't think of myself as a people pleaser, but could that be some part of it? I hope not. These are mysteries to me that I may never figure out.

The bigger thing, I think, is that I want Jack to get therapy. He needs it. It is very helpful to him and helpful for us. We were really spoiled when we had all therapy in our home for the first two years and never had to venture out into the winter tundra of Montana. Therapy only works if you are consistent at it. So maybe there is an element of guilt playing into all of this. I just want what's best for Jack.

How do you feel about canceling?
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Samantha said...

Interesting that you posted about this today of all days.... I called this morning to cancle an MRI for one of the twins, per their Pediatrician's request, and the gal on the phone that I spoke to about it made me feel as if I was being responsible.... or had no idea what I was doing. I felt very uncomfortable by the end of the phone call. She was just going to move the appointment to "HOLD" status to makes sure... "because, you know.. it takes 4-6 weeks to get in with us" Hmm!

Gina said...

I don't think you should feel bad at all! I definitely understand your reasoning, and sometimes I get anxious about people thinking I'm being lazy and not doing what's best for Ruthie, but people also have to understand WHY you chose to cancel. If they understand, great. If not, too bad. I canceled an ROP exam (just postponed it for a week, actually) a couple of weeks ago when Ruthie had had a tear duct infection site lanced just days prior, and the eye dr personally got on the phone and practically told me my daughter was going to go blind if I didn't show up at his office at 10am this next morning.

Total bull. Always go with the Mommy-gut. What if you HAD gone out and had been snowed down on the highway somewhere with Jack in the backseat? I think you made the right choice. =)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gina. When you don't feel right about it for one reason or another, cancelling can be so freeing...making room for the spontaneous.


Our Beautiful Family said...

I know what you mean. I am always having to cancel when Owen ends up in the hospital. I try to make sure that a new schedule gets set up as soon as he gets home but sometimes it takes a little while.
Just remember, you are doing the right thing for him. Better to have a healthy child :)

The Kimmels said...

We had to cancel our appointment at the high risk infant follow up clinic because of the snow. I guess I wasn't too disappointed because I know I would have been nervous driving around in the snow, especially with Cohen in the car! I was kind of looking forward to the appointment, but I feel like we made the best choice we could.

Julie said...

From the therapist end, sometimes it stinks when you get cancellations (especially for flaky reasons) but more often than not, it's a nice break to catch up on paperwork or even just grab a cup of coffee and check emails (and your reason is definitely NOT flaky). Roll with it...(just don't cancel speech....haha!) :)