Thursday, December 1, 2011

When your child starts walking at 31 months

Sometimes there are goals that are so elusive, so sought after and fought for, that it feels like you are stuck in a forever whirlwind of the same, never quite able to reach them.

Jack was a scooter for so, so long. He never crawled. He started scooting around on his bottom about a year ago. It was a HUGE moment. He could move! But after awhile, I wondered if he would ever be able to make it beyond scooting. That is so human nature, isn't it? Always hoping, searching, and longing for the next best thing?

I loved that he could move. But I wanted more for him. I believe every parent feels this way. I could tell how frustrated he was and that frustration was affecting everything from his day to day mood, to his development in other areas. I just knew he needed a breakthrough. WE needed a breakthrough.

Then our Miracle Jack starts walking at 31 months.

It was slow, tentative, unbalanced steps at first... usually going back and forth between mommy and daddy. He now feels confident enough to walk around our home. He is still working on standing and balance and add in some new foot braces to get used to. He only tentatively takes steps in the outside world, but I know that will come in it's own time. When your child starts walking at a later stage in the game, it's like the sameness suddenly ceases and every single little thing is new and exciting again. We are in a whole world of possibility.

I was getting ready in our bathroom the other morning. I'm pretty sure I was brushing my teeth or something when I caught Jack walking down the hallway out of the corner of my eye. It took my breath away. Number one, out of total fear that he was going to crash and hurt himself. And two, out of complete shock to see him actually WALKING.. like he just decided "hey, I want to go to my room." When you wait, hope, pray, and work for something for 31 months, it will take awhile for it to settle in that you are not, in fact, dreaming.

I'll say it til the day I die - I don't take anything for granted when it comes to Jack. Nothing.

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Chelsea said...

I think that I love Jack as much as any person can love a child they have never actually "met". Your blog is SO inspirational, I often find myself tearing up reading it, good tears :)I think that all of us preemies mama's would agree that we would NEVER wish this on our children (extreme prematurity), BUT I have been blessed beyond measure by my children's journeys. One of those HUGE blessings has been to get to know other miracle babies and watch them overcome SO much. It is just AMAZING. Love you Jackpants!!

Kristi DeLeurere said...

I know what you mean. My son wouldn't bear weight on his legs for the longest time. We didn't know if he would ever walk. We rejoiced when he started army crawling, then really crawling, then taking steps. Now he is running and jumping (a bit uncoordinated but oh well). We're still waiting to hear his voice for the first time, but we trust that it too will come with time.

Michelle said...

Way to go Jack! It is a privilege to read your blog and follow Jack's journey. He is incredible and inspirational. I have passed your blog on to some fellow micro moms. Go Jack Go!

marcie said...

I agree with the others...your blog is inspiring and I find myself feeling so proud of Jack even though I have never met any of you. Great job, Jack!

Tami said...

Jack is an amazing little guy! I love the pictures.

Our Beautiful Family said...

When I was going to school to become a teacher I once sat in on an IEP meeting. I remember sitting there just looking at the mother. I was wondering how she was feeling. Here was this panel of teacher's telling her every milestone her child hasn't met for his school age. I couldn't help but think, "I wonder what this child has been through." I never thought a few years later I would be that mother. I think of all these wonderful miracles and how hard they work to reach the "norm" and all we really care about is that they are alive. I bet that mother was thinking, my child is alive. Im ok with him not meeting every goal.

I am so extactic about this wonderful milestone Jack has reached. I look forward to the many more I will be reading about in the future:)

Jenny said...

This was an inspiring post to read -- Heath is just beginning to stand alone for a couple seconds (when the stars are aligned) and has taken independent steps a handful of times. Sometimes it seems impossible that he will be a full on walker, but I know he will get there! It's exhilarating to read about this quantum shift in your family, I'm so happy for Jack and his newfound freedom!!