Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Reflection of 2011 (in pictures)

This is hard, but I'm going to attempt to pick my favorite Jack pictures from 2011. Watch out. Cuteness overload ahead!





so long RSV isolation!

visiting daddy at the Capitol


Happy 2nd Birthday, Jackpants!!


Went to Seattle Children's Hospital for their hunger-based tube weaning program. 

and it was 100% successful!

We tried so hard to get Jack to wear his glasses... still on our incredibly long to-do list :)

cutest shirt ever


best swimsuit ever

got to WALK! over the finish line of the Missoula Marathon

trip to Glacier National Park

probably my favorite, all-time picture of Jack



spent many hours swinging at the park

wait.. this just might be my favorite. ever. 


whoa, wait! this is my favorite!


best costume ever


Come back tomorrow for my Reflection of 2011 (in words)!
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Samantha said...

What a beautiful collection! This is such a great idea to do a year in reflection through photos! Thanks for sharing!

Angie said...

Such a good idea, I may have to steal it, if its ok. Jack is so handsome! You have the same pretty eyes. You do a beautiful job of capturing your love for him and his happiness!!

Sarah Pope said...

I agree with Angie, this is such a great idea. It's amazing to see how Jack has grown up over this past year. He's less baby and more little boy now!
I'm also surprised to see that I've been following your blog for a year now...a whole year...and I'm not even sure how I came across it to begin with.
I've loved every post too.

Ashley said...

So beautiful. I will probably steal this idea very very soon :)

Michelle said...

I'm with you; it's too hard to pick a favorite Because he's just too stinkin' cute! I think I started following your blog when you all went to the feeding program because I was searching for solutions for Cade. Can't wait to read your reflections from the past year.

Babs said...

Um, ya, Jack is the cutest kiddo ever...but, what I really noticed in these pictures is how stunning his momma is!

Jon said...

I agree with Barb. Thanks for being such an awesome picture taker for our fam!

marcie said...

These photos are amazing. The collection is priceless!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Jack is such an amazing and handsome baby boy! You have many wonderful pictures of your little man :)