Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is filled with special ornaments. Whenever we travel somewhere, we get an ornament to remember our trip by. These days our tree is half full of our travel mementos and the rest is Jack's ornaments. They are so cute.

newest one from Grams and Cheeks

from our friends in Finland

Baby Jack's 1st Christmas

love the picture ornaments

Jack's hand print during his 1st Christmas

lots with his name 

newest ornament from Grandma Bennion

our little star


Love em'.

I also love our stockings. Each one was made by Jon's mom and they are all different from each other. In fact, each person in Jon's family has a stocking made for them, each unique. They are really beautiful and sparkle when reflected against the tree lights. One day, we will have a big mantle for these to hang on.

this was made in 1978!

Is it bad to love mine the most? Cause I do.

I hope you all are enjoying these last few days til Christmas!
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Sarah Pope said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an assortment of ornaments on their tree! Jack's ornaments are super cute and very special. I'm not sure that we have any for Samuel yet...that's odd isn't it? lol.

Julie said...

I love that Jon's stocking has a train on it. Those stockings are really, really neat. I love seeing all of the ornaments on your tree! Ours is starting to fill in with special ornaments too and I love it!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Christmas ornaments are so special! Im glad Im not the only one that has sooo many ornaments for a 2 year old hehe. Who says you're only aloud to get one a year? And those stockings are so special! It is wonderful that she makes them for everyone in the family :)

Brandi said...

Great post! I love all the ornament pics! I might do the same thing! Our tree is also decorated with ornaments from special occasions or trips! I love talking about the memory associated with each ornament! Addi loves it too!