Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Time

Isn't that sweet?

We've been in Missoula for a few days and just got home. We had a good time with Grams and Cheeks, ate at some yummy restaurants, and Jack had a great dentist appointment. But the main thing we took away from tour trip is that we finally realized something...


It's time.

... for a haircut.

Say goodbye, shaggy, borderline hippie/mullet hair. Time to go.

Haircut is scheduled for after bath time tonight. Wish us (Jon) luck!
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Amy said...

Girl - Ryan just got his long locks cut this past Friday! His was CRAZY long!

Lori Hamm said...

Jack has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen! Absolutely gorgeous! (And I'm the proud grandma of two pretty dang adorable blue-eyed kid lets, so I know of what I speak.)

Our Beautiful Family said...

1. I love the Christmas tree in the background!!
2. You better post pics tomorrow! hehe
3. I hear ya about the long locks needing to be cut. Isaiah and Owen will be getting theirs cut next week :)

Good luck Jack! (well, I guess the haircut already happened but I hope he did well!)