Friday, December 16, 2011

Flashback Friday - Preemie Clothes

I spent some time going through our NICU files today and came upon this picture. I remembered that we chose to wash and dry Jack's tiny preemie clothes at my parents house so they wouldn't get lost forever in the huge hospital laundry system. I've kept many of Jack's NICU outfits. They are really significant to us because being able to wear clothes in the NICU is a really big deal. For our hospital, it meant that Jack had at least reached 3-4 pounds and could regulate his body temperature. It also meant that he was in a a real crib.

I remember Jack was just swimming in those clothes, they were so big. When I look at them now, I am in awe at how tiny he was.
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The Kimmels said...

It's crazy to look back and see how tiny they were huh? I remember the first day we got to dress Cohen, I was SO happy that I got to do something "normal" with him. I plan on taking a few pictures of him with his preemie clothes one of these days.

Samantha said...

Great flashback! I love comparing the size of my twins now to their old preemie clothes... It's a great visual to see how far they have come! This is such an adorable picture!

kasey said...

That is such a beautiful photograph, Jessi! Just the other day, 11 year old Andie found all the preemie outfits I'd saved and laid them out on her rug! They're still there - a new decoration in her room! XO