Monday, November 28, 2011

WARNING: Pictures of food and cuteness overload

Thanksgiving. What a great day. We pretty much just watched in amazement as Jack walked all over the house. This is his look of determination right before he propels himself forward to walk. 


He doesn't have much time to cuddle anymore... he wants to go!

Jon cooked an amazing meal.

Mom brought one of my favorites

Jon managed to not chop off his fingers.

I know. We are so hilarious.

reading books

playing with toys

and changes into comfy clothes...

What a wonderful day.

Yummy food.



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Emily Real said...

Okay, seriously YUM! Jack is so big in your mom's arms now and LOOK at those beautiful women! Love the picture of you and your beautiful!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Wow! That food looks awesome! I could take some lessons from your husband lol. I absolutely LOVE Jack's face in the first picture :) I can just picture him - standing there with that face for a few minutes, and then, all the sudden, he's off! All around the room! So cute

Lindsay said...

Great pic of you & your mom, Jessi.