Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Tidbits

1) I am loving Jack's curly hair these days. He's always had curly hair, but it's never been long enough in the back to really see it. Of course, as soon as he lays on it or rolls around, it straightens. Part of me wonders if we keep growing it out, what will it do?

2) I've always felt bad for Jack when we go to restaurants. He can't eat the food on the menu, but still, he has to sit there for an hour or so, watching everyone eat. I mean, typical two year olds have a hard enough time keeping quiet in a restaurant, even with food as a distraction. We thought our days of eating out were over, but in a desperate attempt to grab some lunch one day with my mom, I brought in our portable DVD player. Crisis averted. What was interesting is that the other night, I glanced over at a table next to us and a mom was handing her child her phone, probably with a game on it. Don't we all just want the ability to eat out once in a while?

3) Did you get a chance to see this cuteness? I still can't get over how stinkin' awesome (and cheap!) his costume was.

4) We have a lot of new followers on this blog  from our Facebook page and elsewhere, and I would like to welcome you all! I wish I could personally sit down with each and every one of you (with a cup of coffee or chai... maybe a baked good... or two) and just chat. I sincerely LOVE this little community and it makes my heart so happy to see it grow. We appreciate each and every comment that is left here and on Facebook and Twitter. Oftentimes, tears are running down my face as I read your encouraging and helpful words. Thank you! If you link to our blog on your own blog, please let me know in the comments section, because I would love to put you under our Good Reads section. If you have a blog button, even better. Just trying to share the link love! Sometimes I don't catch on right away, so that would be super helpful.

Did I mention how much I love you guys?!
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Carie said...

Genius idea of the DVD player. Ryan has always wanted to get one for road trips, and I fear if I mention this amazing use I know that's what will be under the Christmas tree. ;)

Sometimes a mom's just gotta do what a mom's gotta do.

Amy said...

survival skills - all about survival skills!

Sarah Pope said...

That is such a great idea about the DVD player!! (Why haven't I thought about would certainly beat having to play a YouTube video every 3 minutes!)
I'm also a big fan of Jack's curly hair. So cute.

Emily Real said...

Those CURLS--I'm in love!

Lindsay said...

Jack is seriously the cutest lumberjack I've ever seen.