Monday, November 14, 2011

ijplk,moklmk,0lo+/ (Jack Typing)

I'm cracking up here as I try to type. Jack has wiggled his way next to me and wants to join in. He's always been fascinated by computer keys. The click, click, clicking sound they make. He has both of our old laptops to bang on and open and shut. Still, he is way more interested in what mommy is typing and looking at!

So.. this will be short and sweet. There are some big-ish changes going on right now with Jack, specifically relating to therapy... more on that at a later time, but I wanted to say that we feel like Jack is so, so close to a breakthrough with his gross motor development. Anyone following our Facebook page may have seen that Jack took 30 steps IN A ROW this weekend!! That is, by far, the most. Ever. Last night he was walking back and forth across our living room. There was a lot of cheering going on.

It's a very surreal experience. We were told that Jack may not be able to walk, so when I watch what is going on, it's like I'm seeing a miracle unfold in my very own living room, in real time, and it's hard to wrap my brain and thoughts around what is happening. I will try to get a video posted sometime this week of Jack in action. It's pretty amazing.

Once again, I gotta say it - I am loving hearing from you through our Facebook page and through your emails! You seriously brighten my day! I am especially indebted to our close blogging friends who write about our journey into the world of publishing. Just a little bit ago, my fellow 23 week micro mom, Lindsay, posted the most wonderful and kind review of our book. You really should read it. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

P.S. If Jack could type, I'm pretty sure he would type the following:

Read a book
Bye Bye
quick! Daddy's cooking
Elmo Elmo Elmo!
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Cathy Burwell said...

That is so exciting that Jack is walking! I bet he feels so proud of himself! I remember when our kids started walking - it was exciting but also scary as they could get to the stairs and into more places I didn't want them to get into! This is a super milestone - hard work pays off!

Heather L said...

Hi Jack & Jessi –

I just spent the last few days reading your blog from Jack’s early arrival to the present. So, my baby needs a bath, the dishes are still in the sink, and no one in our house has clean underwear! But, I feel just a little bit better about our experience knowing that there are other parents out there who “get it.” Our Jack was born at 28 weeks and spent 112 days in the NICU at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. He came home with an NG tube, feeding pump, O2, 8 meds and 2 inhalers! We finally said goodbye to the O2 concentrator in June 2011, but we still say hello every day to meds for reflux and CLD. We also have OT, PT, pulmo, nutrionist, feeding clinic, and possible ST soon! And of course, we are now entering our 2nd year of RSV/flu isolation. I’ve been dreading it for months! And I definitely heard the not-so-sensitive comment, “Oh, you think this is tough (our NICU stay), wait till he comes home.” As if! We are 15 months into our preemie journey right now, and I think you express my feelings best with this statement:
“Let me just say this though - when you go through something so life-altering, your whole perspective on life changes. I am stronger than ever before. I am also damaged like never before.” I have good days and bad days and I sure hope that I can some day get to a place of healing like it seems you have. I look forward to reading your blog!

We used during Jack’s NICU stay. (If you join, just search for “heatherjack”). But since he has been home, we use a Shutterfly website @

Thanks so much for being honest & real about prematurity. I find so many just want to say, “But he’s fine now” or “He’s such a miracle” and they don’t want to acknowledge the real issues. I cannot wait to read Jon’s book!!

Emily Real said...

I'll say it again, 30 STEPS!! WOOHOO! Soon it will be 300. :) Loved Lindsay's blog post. And Elmo! Love you guys...think of you all the time.

Jessi said...

Hi Heather L! So great to hear from you! Thanks for the very kind words and encouragement. I seriously LOVE to hear about other little Jacks :) And I just wanted to tell you - you WILL get there. You will get to that place of healing. Not every day feels easy or even good, but your healing will come.

Michelle said...

Go Jack Go! I can't wait until you post the video. I love cheering on our fellow micro-preemies accomplishments. I get just as excited watching them meet milestones as I do for my own kids!

Laura W. said...

Hi Jessi,

I came across your blog tonight via Lindsay's post. I just wanted to say that your photography is gorgeous and I'm so glad that God has given you the gift of your little boy! Your strength and faith are really encouraging to me as another new mommy. Keep posting!

The Kimmels said...

Yay Jack! Good job!!

Our Beautiful Family said...

love this :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! Post some video! I would love to see him in action. Go, Jack, Go! -Lizzy

Jessi said...

Hi Laura W. and welcome! Thanks for the kind comment. Means a lot to hear from you!