Thursday, November 3, 2011

How It Came To Be

I didn't know Jon was writing a book.

During our four month NICU stay, Jon would write a weekly update that was sent to hundreds of people (who in turn, sent it to thousands of people all over the world). Readers seemed to appreciate Jon's candor. His humor. And they fell in love with our little guy - Baby Jack - so much so, that I remember many suggesting we write a book about our ordeal.

Fast forward two years later.

This May, when we were at Seattle Children's Hospital for Jack's tube weaning, and on our anniversary when we were exchanging gifts, Jon handed me a 3-ring binder. I opened it up and saw the first page which was a  title "You Don't Know Jack: A Micro-Preemie Story." Below was a beautiful picture of Jack.

I turned the page.

To say I was shocked would be putting it lightly. I was totally flabbergasted! I turned the page. I turned the next page. It kept going and going. He had written a book and I didn't even know! Jon likes to surprise me that way.

Jon is always working on a project or writing an email, so I thought nothing of the time he was on his computer. I totally didn't see it coming.

Sixty thousand words, all about our precious boy and our journey as a family from the brink of death, to hope and renewed faith. I immediately set myself to read the whole thing. I was amazed. I have known my husband, already a published author, to be quite talented. But I didn't quite grasp it until I read our own memoir. The way he saw things from his unique fatherly perspective was an eye opener to me. There were parts I just cried and cried through. It was healing to read his book and I just KNEW it would help others with similar circumstances... if only we could get it published.

That is the journey we are on now. I believe in this book. It is not cheesy and it doesn't always paint the rosiest picture. It is raw. It describes the good and the bad. The wrestle of a spiritual journey, right along with the struggle of a boy born way, way too early.

It is beautiful.

Yes, of course I am biased. But I have also read plenty of preemie books and the genre is lacking. To share one's story is a vulnerable thing, but we know Jack's life and the advocacy for other micro-preemies will be worth it.
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Ashley said...

Can't wait to pick your brains about the publishing process! And, I know this book will be a success. With a boy like Jack, it's bound to be!

Julie said...

Just read an excerpt and got all teary. I'm going to need a box of tissues, obviously. Maybe a Costco size box.

Stacie said...

Continuing to pray for you and your family, and for the book. The preview was amazing and definitely needs to be shared, both with those going through similar situations and for anyone else. It is truly inspirational and a tribute to our Mighty God and the knowledge and skills He has given to our medical communities. Hugs to all.

Kara said...

Looks like you just wrote the foreword of the book:) Good luck with the publishing process!

kasey said...

Jessi - What an incredible man you married! You guys are just amazing! I finally had a chance to read the excerpt and know that your story will help so many, especially the dads who are so often overlooked in this process! Can't wait to follow your progress!