Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011: Part 2

Halloween day was a lot of fun... eventually. As you can see with these next couple of pictures, Jack didn't so much like being put in his wagon to wheel around our downtown (the businesses hand out candy). It all started when I painted Jack's beard on. He was so mad at me! I mean, I really can't blame him for not wanting itchy paint on his face. But come on! Doesn't he know how cute he is, our little lumberJack?

Crisis averted when daddy picked Jack up and we proceeded along our merry way with our group of friends.

In fact, things got MUCH better. Jack even cracked a few smiles!

Group shot! I can't believe most all the kids are looking toward the camera.

Later, when daddy got home from work, Jack got a bag full of goodies from people in Jon's office.

We took Jack's yucky beard off and put him in his pumpkin pj's.

Jack's new favorite thing is watching daddy cook. The minute he hears a sizzle on the stove top, he hurries into the kitchen. Maybe he will become a chef like his daddy one day.

We actually had quite a few kids trick or treat for our wooded neighborhood. It was a fun night of passing out candy in our cozy house.
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Ashley said...

Two things: 1- Is that a rice cooker? If so, I'm dying to know what you're making! and 2- Why is it that Daddys always get to swoop in and save the day?!?

Looks like you guys had a great time and had MUCH better weather than we did. Ah, such is life in Unpredictable Carolina.

Jessi said...

Yes that's a rice cooker and he was making a Japanese stir fry/curry dish. Really yummy. And Jack is a total daddy's boy. I chalk it up to that Jack's with me 24/7... daddy is a nice diversion.

Julie said...

Finally caught up on your happenings. Cutest lumberjack (upset homeless guy) ever!! Looks like you had fun and glad Jon is back to save the day!

Our Beautiful Family said...

He is sooo cute! I love the Jack themed costumes and I hope you can keep that up for years! that would be so cute! I love the group picture :) you live in a beautiful place