Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For the Love of (cute) Hats

Hats, oh hats. Jack didn't used to mind you. 

Now... not into hats so much.

Sad face.

Cheer up, Jack. Don't you know how cute you are?

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Julie said...

He does look so sad. I can't keep one on Caleb for the life of me. And now that Claire must do everything he does, it's getting hard to keep one on her.

Yours is super cute though!!!

The Kimmels said...

Tomorrow is World Prematurity Day. Thinking about you Jack!

Emily Real said...

Cute hats on Mom and Jack! His sad face is hilarious. :)

Lindsay said...

I've loved Jack's hats over the past two & a half years. Maybe he'll like them again someday. :)