Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Day

You can't get a bigger day in preemie land than today. World Prematurity Day is about spreading awareness. About honoring those born too early. About posting pictures of your preemie on Facebook and Twitter. My morning was was filled with reading the dozens and dozens of posts, blogs, and articles about today. I felt like I was having my own little support group meeting with people all over the world. It has been pretty cool.

I posted this on Facebook earlier, and I wanted to leave it here as well.

To those babies born too soon, we honor you. To those that didn't make it, we honor and remember you. To those struggling to survive the NICU, we honor you. To those in therapy day in and day out, striving to reach milestones with huge obstacles to overcome, we honor you. To those who have beaten the odds and inspire us with your determination, we honor you. To those who are thriving and making a difference, we honor you. Worldwide this year, 13 million babies will be born too soon. Today we observe World Prematurity Day.

Jack's tiny hand during his first week of life

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Mummypinkwellies said...

Hope you don't mind but I've pinched that for my status. So very well worded :)

Jessi said...

Don't mind at all!

Michelle said...

I spent way too much time reading everyone's stories of prematurity as well. That is an amazing picture of Jack's tiny hand.

Angie said...

I spent a lot of time also reading everyones stories, so much that I almost forgot to post mine! I love how everyone is so supportive!