Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Apartment

A month or so ago I told you about the exciting news of my parents getting an apartment in our town. It has been so nice, especially when Jon has been traveling for work so much.

Jack's favorite place in their little apartment is on their bed, where he can roll around and play with all the cool toys that Cheeks (Grandpa) finds. Right when he arrives, he goes straight to the bed and we get out his treasures (TV remote, books, tambourine,  maraca, and a toy - stacking rings - to hurl across the room)

Jackpant's favorite toy at the apartment? The remote.

Of course, he also loves to read his books.

Can I take some time right now to mention just how awesome these shoes are? You all can probably imagine how hard it is to take a 2 year old shoe shopping. Well, with these dandy shoe bottoms, all you have to do is use it to measure their foot to make sure the toes land in the "toe zone"! No lacing up required.

ahhh...  rhythm instruments. Thank you for staying at the apartment...

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Our Beautiful Family said...

I just love knowing more and more about Jack. The more I know, the more I think him and Owen would get along so well :) Remotes are great toys! hehe

Amy said...

the shoe store called me this morning to tell me that the new balance shoes that are perfect for afo's and smo's, new balance has decided to stop making them - they'll have a "new model" in January. So- i had to schlep up there and the very sweet man went thru the new balance catalog with me, and called the company - a pair is on the way. 45 minutes late....it was a mess, i was in tears in the store! so where the heck did you get those super cute shoes of mr. jackpants?????

Jessi said...

Oh I'm sorry, Amy!! That is so frustrating. So the shoes in these pictures are boots. I don't put his AFO in these, because the ankle support seems to help just enough. We haven't been using his AFO as much because he is in need of a new one (it seems to be pinching him on the top of his foot, too tight or something). Anyway, I am sorry it's been such a hassle with getting shoes. The things some take for granted! Hope the ones you ordered will work out perfectly.

Angie said...

I love all the pics. He is such a happy boy, you are blessed!