Thursday, October 6, 2011

Work that left hand, Jack!

Hi, Jack. We're in occupational therapy today. We are going to work on your left hand. This will be fun!

Motivation (also known as bribery) with Jack's favorite toy. It lights up and plays music! Just what you like, Jackpants.

Here comes the restraint. Hold down that right hand. Make him use his left. Come on, Jack!

You can do it!

And so it goes. We'll keep trying!
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Sarah Pope said...

Bless his heart. That looks tough. :(

Emily Real said...

That FACE, that sad last photo! You can do it, Jackman!!

Michelle said...

This makes me really sad for Jack. I'm sure he doesn't understand why he can't just use his right hand instead. I hope the therapy gets easier for both of you.

Our Beautiful Family said...

keep trying little man!