Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack's Pumpkin Adventure

One of the many perks of having my parents live in our town part-time is that they get to come along on our adventures. We decided we needed to get the perfect pumpkin for our porch, so we made our way to the local church pumpkin patch. 

Our town is known for it's gorgeous cathedral that we passed along our walk that day.

Come on, Jack! Let's get a pumpkin!

Photo shoot time!

I had all these visions of great shots I would get... but alas, Jack wasn't into it. This is the only one I got where he was even looking remotely close to me.

It's OK because Grams was there to make the yucky photo shoot all better.

This next pictures cracks me up. Jack didn't quite get what to do...

And to end, our perfect pumpkin. Pretty, huh?

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Babs said...

Your parents are great!

Emily Real said...

Your son has killer hair. ;)

Jessi said...

yeah, the hair is out of control.

The Kimmels said...

I love his shirts in this post and the other one. When we found out the twins were boys we got a Batman and a Superman onesie and now they fit Cohen.

Sarah Pope said...

Very pretty pumpkin...and what a gorgeous church!

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