Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011: Part 1

We have a "Jack" theme each year for Halloween. Here are the previous years:

Super cute, huh?

On our Facebook page I asked for guesses on what Jack would be this year and got the BEST responses (and some great ideas for the future). No one guessed what his costume would be for this year, so here we go:

Introducing our very own...



photo by the wonderfully talented and friend, Lisa Kunkel of

I think it turned out so stinkin' cute!! Our little lumberJack didn't really like his scratchy, painted on beard and the running joke at a Halloween party we attended was that Jack was either a 1) lumberjack or 2) a homeless person wielding an ax.

Either way, he was pretty much adorable in his mini-man costume.

Today we head off to another Halloween festivity, so look for more pics tomorrow. But I wanted to leave you all with more shots of our fun weekend. Jack still doesn't quite "get" dressing up and Halloween, but we still had fun with friends. And can I just say how it still feels weird and kind of nerve wracking to take Jack to parties full of kids? We are so used to having a bubble boy, that allowing him to be in large crowds is still slightly unnerving. Still, we had a great time and Jack is slowly getting used to being around others.

I'm pretty much in love with this family shot.

And Jack just adores his daddy.

Craft of our lumberJack from the party!

Yesterday morning we woke up and Jack watched a favorite of his. Always Elmo.

Then we had to get a pic of our little pumpkin with his fun gift from Grams before we headed off to breakfast.

Kids make everything so fun.

More pictures of Halloween coming tomorrow... and our BIG announcement on Wednesday. Stay tuned!
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Shannon said...

Too freakin' adorable! I LOVE him and you guys are the most beautiful family...EVER! Can't wait to see more and I really can't wait to hear the big announcement Wednesday. I hope it's that you're moving to Wisconsin! ;)

Michelle said...

He makes the cutest lumber"jack". I also love last year's "jack" in the box. So creative!

The Kimmels said...

so cute!! Glad you guys got to enjoy being outside the house!!

Ashley said...

I love how every once in awhile there is a picture of Jack staring at his hand!