Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday - Quick Hands

I was always amazed at how quick the nurses and hands would move when they were working on Jack. They were trained to get in and get out at lightning speed.  Especially during a diaper change. I swear they would change Jack's diaper in three seconds flat.
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marcie said...

NICU nurses are truly amazing. I remember the first few times I changed Veronica's diaper - I was so nervous because she felt so fragile and there were so many wires. It felt like it took an eternity to change the darn thing.

Sarah Pope said...

Was Jack super-sensitive to having his 'bubble' invaded or to disturbances in the room? I was always amazed at how quiet AND fast the nurses had to be for the first 2 months. I never really understood how Samuel seemed to know when someone was about to interrupt his rest...but invariably, he would desat and brady over and over again until they were done. I would NOT like to have their job!
You have such great pictures of Jack's NICU days. I'm envious!

Our Beautiful Family said...

the nurses were so fast! and handled these fragile little babies so well.
Question - what was the NICU like where Jack was? I was wondering because you have said something about a room? Did Jack have his own room? or just a few babies to a room? how did it work? I ask because I didn't know NICU's were different.
Owen's NICU had about 20 babies to 1 room. Bright lights were always on and it was always super noisy. So, Owen is now really good at sleeping through anything. hehe

Jessi said...

I wish Jack would have had his own room! He only did when he had a bad infection and they didn't want to pass it to all the other babies. Otherwise, we were in a big room with curtains dividing the isolettes. They were really good about keeping the lights low and the noise down.