Friday, October 7, 2011

Flashback Friday - Guardian Angel

My mom picked this beanie baby up in the hospital gift shop. She said it was Jack's guardian angel and we sat it in the isolette for the four months Jack was in the hospital. I know some NICU's don't allow stuffed animals, but ours did.

Here's where we put it when we finally got home.

And it's still there... watching over our little guy.
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Julie said...

Love the flashbacks. Just a reminder of how very tiny he was...because beanie babies are small and it looks like a giant watching over his bed!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Love the idea of a guardian angel! I must say, I love your flashback fridays! but . . . they also make me sad because they remind me that I will not have your blog posts to read for two days hehe :)

Ashley said...

I love flashback Fridays!. Our NICU allows stuffed animals but they have to be in a plastic baggie. That's nice yours allowed them as well!