Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daddy's Home

I know it's hard to delve right back into normal blogging when we have our big announcement looming overhead, but I will try :)

We've been enjoying a quiet and laid back morning here in the Bennion household. Daddy is home and Jack couldn't be happier. Mommy and Daisy, too. This morning has been filled with lots of snuggles, cups of tea, and looking at pictures.

Jon was in China for two weeks for work and I picked him up at the airport late last night. He brought with himself some wonderful presents from his adventure for us - a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings for me and the cutest Chinese outfit for Jack (pictures to come).

Since we got in so late last night, Jack was already asleep. This morning, when Jack saw that daddy was home, his face lit up like no other and a huge smile and giggle escaped his mouth. He is so happy.

What a perfect morning.

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