Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Things

Besides Jack's most favorite thing in the world, there are two more that come in close second. They are:

1) Walking 

 and 2) Playing with mommy's hair.

We can handle that.
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Sarah Pope said...

Is he nice when he plays with your hair? Some kids are just so sweet....mine just tends to yank my hair out of my head.

Jessi said...

good question :) it depends. When angry, he yanks it. When happy, he just fingers through it.

Julie said...

Love your outfit! You look great!!

Our Beautiful Family said...

first of all - I LOVE your outfit! I think you need to come teach me how to dress lol. Also, Owen also loves to play with my hair :) but he is always nice. I sure hope he doesn't learn to pull it hehe

The Raleigh Collins said...

So sweet!

Michelle said...

I always think Jack looks like such a sweetheart in all of his pictures. I can tell he's a mommy's boy for sure!