Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jack's Most Favorite Place in the World

A good morning for Jack consists of this: 1) Waking up and immediately watching Elmo as his breakfast is made. It's debatable whether he actually enjoys eating said breakfast. And 2) getting in the car and driving to the park. It's his most favorite place in the world.

And not only is the park his absolute favorite, but this very spot, this swing, is his most favorite place in the whole entire world... and the whole entire galaxy... and... well... you get my drift.

It must feel so freeing for Jack to just swing.

This day, we had an extra fun time at the park because we could be there together. Park date.

I love my man.

We decided to shake things up a bit and take Jack down the slide. As you can see, he was a little timid.

He seemed to enjoy the slide, but when we put him back into the swing...


Yep, the swing is where it's at.

Our boy loves the park and we love to be able to finally take him there.

And what's a park date without a little after-park snack?

That, my friends, is an extremely yummy beignet.

Happy boy.

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Julie said...

Looks like fun! The park in the fall when it's not stinkin' hot is one of my favorite places. And that treat...mmmm.

Our Beautiful Family said...

I love the park! What wonderful days to remember :)