Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jack Pendant

I love my sister-in-law, Kay. She is so thoughtful. She knows that I heart jewelry and brings me the most amazing finds from her home in China and from Europe, where she works. This summer she gave me the most beautiful pendant that she got made for me. I put it on a necklace and wore it literally all summer (and probably will continue through fall and winter and spring and next summer and so on). I love it that much. 

Kay had the front engraved with "Jack".

And on the back, in Chinese, it says "worth it".

Favorite. Necklace. Ever.
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Sarah Pope said...

I love it!

jaymie said...

I just checked in on your blog and saw this beautiful necklace. I LOVE IT. And I really don't know if I've ever heard a phrase capture it like "WORTH IT". Wow. that really resonates with me too......i feel like our boys have so much in common. Not all of it is ideal, but it is SOOO WORTH IT!!!!! :)

kasey said...

What an incredible gift! So special, like your boy!

Ashley said...

I love this necklace! What a thoughtful and creative gift!

Shannon said...

So perfect.

Elaine said...

Simple and beautiful. I love this necklace.