Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jack and his Goldfish cracker (otherwise known as an eating update)

Ah the Goldfish cracker. Favorite snack of kids (and parents) across the land. Jack tried some last week.

Here's how it went:

1st Step - Inspection

-Jack concentrates on the cracker. He analyzes the texture. He flips the cracker over and over, looking at each side very carefully. He brings it up to eye level, gets a closer look.

2nd Step - A Quick Lick

-Is it salty? Is it sweet? Do I, Jackpants Cutie Pie Bennion, like how it tastes?

Nope. Not enough to give it a second lick, let alone a bite.

3rd Step - Overboard Cracker

-There is no mistake why our dog, Daisy, is right next to the highchair. Jack is giving most table foods a one-lick maximum try these days. Then the food is flung overboard.

4th Step - Singing and Being Adorable

-Anything, really, to not have to eat! We're still working on it, but Jack seems pretty content in pureed food land. 

We may have to mix things up a bit in the coming weeks... stay tuned.
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Ashley said...

Ah yes, The Canine Hoover. We have two here. Except, mine don't wait for it to be flung... they help themselves to food right off her tray. It's disgusting and I'm a little embarrassed to admit it; but no matter how much I try to stop it from happening, Bea thinks it's the single funniest thing on this Earth.

Have you seen this web comic: ? It reminds me of our situations...

Daria said...

Have you tried a baby picnic yet? Maybe dipping crackers in purees so he can lick them off (and if he so desires, take a bite?)How about Veggie Straws or meltables? OR cupcakes and scones?? Scones are great because they are so crumbly and melt in the mouth! :) It takes time to get textures! Hang in there!

Emily Real said...

Jackpants Cutie Pie Bennion is right!!! Especially when he is singing e-i-e-i-o! :) Thanks for the update...thinking of you!

Kristi DeLeurere said...

That's funny because my son, Caleb, will only try eating crunchy foods and he hates purees. He takes a bite and then spits it out. But it is much better than a year ago when he wouldn't allow food near his mouth!

Good luck with your eating adventures! I know how frustrating it can be when your kid refuses to eat foods that everyone else in the world loves!

Shannon said...

Keep it up Jack - purees are just fine for now as long as you keep exploring! :)