Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daddy's Birthday in Pictures

We all got in the car yesterday morning, bright and early. We wanted to spend the day with Jon for his birthday. He was scheduled to speak at a city about an hour away from where we live, so into the car we went.

It was an absolutely gorgeous, crisp fall morning. Jack was especially serene during our time in the car.

Thank you, Jack.

While Jon was speaking, we got to go shopping. I picked up a couple gifts and Jack got himself some new shoes. He is in a size 6 now, but in order to fit the AFO into his left shoe, we have to get two sizes bigger. I usually only get one pair of shoes for his AFO and them let him have some other shoes to wear that are just cute. I picked up some winter boots... can't believe we are thinking about snow, but in Montana, you have to!

After our shopping excursion, we met back up with daddy for some lunch.

Yes, I really was there! One of our new resolutions is to get me in more pics.

I just have to say that Jack must have known it was daddy's birthday. We had an unusually happy and snuggly boy for our lunch date. Normally, he would spend the whole time screaming or having us walk him around.

Thank you, Jack, for the cuteness and for letting us enjoy a sit-down lunch.


And now I can say that this below, is my new, most favorite pic. I know I say that pretty often. It's kind of like how I tell Jon that each and every holiday that comes up is my absolute favorite...

I'll save an eating update for another time, but Jack is slowly getting more adventurous.

And yes, that is Mexican food. And yes, I want some more RIGHT NOW.

After lunch we got back in the car and came home. Yesterday afternoon I was very domestic and actually made Jon dinner for his birthday. Shocker!  This next picture is my only "proof", but I really think it turned out super yummy and Jon said he loved it! This is what I made. Can't recommend it enough! Soo good. And thanks to my friend, Rebekah, for the super cute apron! Love it!

While mommy cooked, Jack played and watched some shows.

And he colored his daddy a birthday card.

And I hung up the fabric birthday banner that Jon's sister, Liz, made us. I love that I have this for all of our birthdays.

Later on when Jon got home from work, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful early evening and take a walk around our loop.

I can't believe how big Jack is getting, He barely fits in this stroller anymore.

Jack had fun on our little walk.

And the leaves are changing all around us.


Happy Birthday, babe.
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Julie said...

Love the sun flare in the car seat pic...and my next thought was...holy cow...he looks like a BIG BOY! So glad you had such a great day. You look super cute (and domestic) in your apron. Way to go for cooking, and cooking MEAT. I am proud.

Our Beautiful Family said...

It looks like Jack's Daddy had a wonderful birthday!!

Anonymous said...

I just recently found your blog through a friend of a friend's... and I've enjoyed reading it. But I just want to caution- it's usually not a good idea to post pics of a child in a carseat when the straps/buckles are not in the proper positioning or are really loose. Jack's been through a lot and we'd hate to see something happen now.

Jessi said...

Thanks for the pointer, Anonymous! Def don't want to be using our carseat wrong...

Lindsay said...

What a great day!