Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Time!

Jack's occupational therapist asked me yesterday what Jack's favorite toys are. After contemplating a minute or two, I really couldn't think of any toy that Jack loves more than books. Are books toys? I don't know. But, he sure loves them.

Here are his favorites of the moment:

From the Beautiful Babies collection - Baby Giggles and Baby Colors - these board books are filled with gorgeous photos of real babies. Jack loves to flip through these, staring at each baby. Yes, he has his favorites. They seem to be any baby with dark hair. These books have gotten us through many a wait in the Dr's office or restaurant.

Sandra Boynton books. Sandra is a genius. Her writing is so uniquely her. She comes up with the best rhymes. We love her in the Bennion house! Here are a few that Jack love:

Opposites (Jack has this one memorized, we read it so much)

Bath Time! (water book)

Bright Baby books.

Mealtime book. Lately, Jack has been obsessed with this book. It's very hard to find kid books about food, mealtime, etc., that have brightly colored, easy to see pages. If any of you know of any more food related books for a 2 year old, let me know!

 First 100 Words. Jack can stare at this colorful, big, picture filled board book for hours.

Finger Puppet Books. Jack has loved finger puppet books for a long time. At the end of each book, he will give the finger puppet a kiss. So cute.

Another one of our favorite authors is Leslie Patricelli. These books are so hilarious and so unique. I giggle each and every time I read and see these pictures. SO GOOD!

Yummy Yucky (our absolute favorite Patricelli book)

And we definitely have to have a classic in here. Goodnight Moon. What more can I say? One of the best.

And this one to end. So sweet. So true.  I Love You Through and Through.

What are your kids favorites?
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Lauren said...

For sure You are my I love you, Mama's best kisses, and If I were your bunny. :) Books are AWESOME!

FrankandRox said...

Boynton books are great! Averleigh loves anything you can read to a rhythm, like Flip,Flap, Fly and Dance Baby Dance. After she passed 1 corrected I decided I could let germy library books into our house. We have a basket with 25 or so she helps herself to all day long. Her all time fav - so far- is a French one, Jus de chaussettes (sock juice) animals go around telling each other how much their socks stink, it's the greatest illustration. Even if you didn't follow the story.
"I like fruit" is a nice one with textured pages (the picture of an orange feels like an orange).
Books play a big part in our day

Julie said...

All great books! I have the 100 words book and it was by far my favorite book to use in therapy and my kids have about destroyed it, they have looked at it so much. The other large books are great too!

Clarissa said...

I was supposed to be working, but somehow got sidetracked to your blog for the last half hour...such an incredible story, and such beautiful pictures!! As for the books, I have two little boys with a whole bunch of them, but one of our favorites has always been I Love You, Goodnight by Jon Buller ( The pictures are soo sweet, and both kids love to comment on every single page :)

Jessi said...

Thansk for stopping by, Clarissa! I will definitely be buying that book for Jackpants. Looks so sweet!