Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Backyard Evening

Sometimes there aren't enough words. That keen feeling of peace and contentment. That joy. It's hard to describe. Where nothing else matters but to spend an end-of-summer evening in your backyard.

We're well aware that our nice weather and warm nights are slowly fading.

So we take the time to let Jack practice walking out in the grass.

And when he's with daddy, he gets to fly around, too.

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Julie said...

Love the last one of him flying! All he needs is a superman cape billowing out (although then he'd be mixing superheroes and that just wouldn't do). Planning an evening in the backyard with a friend and her kids for tonight...just might be the last time we can set up the wading pool in the evening...

Sarah Pope said...

I agree with Julie! The last one of him flying is just great! I'll admit, it makes me wish I could fly!!! As always, your photos are gorgeous. :)