Monday, August 29, 2011

Snuggles with Grams

This happened a whole lot this weekend.

Whenever Grams and Gramps (Cheeks) come to visit, Jack gets in lots of cuddle time. It was so nice this weekend to have someone here to put Jack down for his afternoon nap. I would turn on the music (usually Jewel Lullaby, which is still our favorite) and Jack would get rocked to sleep.


While Jack got lots of cuddle time in with Grams, the men were outside doing house projects. We have a month or so of nice weather left, then we have to be ready for snow. We are getting a lot done in preparation. While the men were outside working, we went through Jack's summer clothes, sorted them, and put away a bunch of new size 2T (can you believe it?!) clothes. Our boy is growing up.

For now, though, Jack is still happy snuggling next to Grams.

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Julie said...

Love seeing pics of snuggles. You are blessed with a wonderful mama and grandma!

amy said...

heart is sweet!

Sarah Pope said...

He is just too sweet. I love that you can still rock him to sleep...those moments are so precious. I cant believe you are already preparing for winter weather. You must love the cold since you deal with it all of the time!