Tuesday, August 16, 2011

one of those days

Oh boy.

Jack wasn't interested in therapy. At all. Today was a physical therapy day, which we have once a week. Jack works on standing, walking, and overall balance and control. I felt like we spent a good 45 minutes of the hour long session with him laying on the floor, staring off into space (or at his hand). We couldn't coerce or bribe him to move with anything. No toy was cool enough. No therapy ball (like a big exercise ball) was fun enough. The mirror wasn't cutting it. Not even mommy. Nothing was motivating him to do ANYTHING.

Oh Jackpants.

At least you're cute.
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Sarah Pope said...

Haha again, you read my mind! We had the EXACT same issue with therapy today. Our poor babies just need some rest sometimes. After all, they work harder than 99% of children.

Michelle said...

Sorry it was a bad therapy day. I love how you end your frustration with an adorable picture of Jack. Who needs to cooperate when they are that stinkin' cute? I'm sure you weren't thinking he was so cute during therapy today though. Sarah, you are right, our kids do have to work so hard. They came out having to work harder than 99% of kids just getting that breathing thing down!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Bless, he just didn't feel like performing today.

Your too cute Mr Jack!