Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Boy

I call Jack many names - Jackpants, buddy, sweetie, Jackman. But my absolute favorite these days is just simply - my boy. I say, "how's my boy doing?" He looks up at me with those blue eyes, twinkling.

I try to capture as much of Jack's day to day adventures with my camera as I can. Oftentimes, that means I am never in the pictures. I am normally OK with that, but this weekend, I just really wanted to get a few of us together.

Me and my boy.

This is what normally happens during mommy/Jack photoshoots. Lots and lots of pictures with my boy pulling on my hair. Me saying, "gentle... gentle".

And then my boy normally wants down. Photoshoots don't last long. He doesn't want me holding him, making him pose. But still, I'm so glad we take the time to document with photography. I cherish pictures of my boy.

My boy also has some pretty sun-kissed hair these days. As close to light blond as he will probably get. Reminds me that summer has been glorious, with lots of outside time. I had to get out the camera and document the blond. I never tire of taking pictures of my boy. It's one of my favorite things to do.

My boy

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Emily Real said...

Oh how I love these photos! You and your boy are beautiful! That last one of Jackman totally captures my heart--he is a looker! :)

Julie said...

He is blonde! And big! Love these pictures, especially the one of him pulling your hair. :) It's very...real.

Lindsay said...

In the last picture, I love that one wayward curl sticking out/up. Precious!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Your blog posts are so pure, so full of love and life. It is refreshing to see. To me, its a clear precious love from a preemie mom. The joy your son brings you is wonderful! I love to read your posts! I have learned to love the little things in life and to notice the sun kissed hair - so wonderful to record with pictures :)

amy said...

oh my gosh he is so cute! I love that you call him "my boy"..when we had our first (also a Jack,now in high school) he was "the boy" - then he became Pootie and you know it, that name stuck!

Sarah Pope said...

I love the picture of him holding your hair. That is a common occurance at our house too. Glad that youre getting some photos of the two of you together.