Monday, August 8, 2011

Jack Goes to the Farmer's Market

It's no secret that one of our most favorite summer activities is going to the farmer's market. Whenever we travel, we see where the nearest market is being held and we go. On Saturday we hit up a market in a town where we used to live. We decided to leave very early in order to beat the crowds and the heat. We've heard it's gotten quite large in recent years and decided that Jack would probably appreciate the quieter, early morning crowds before the rush.

Plus, it was just beautiful out.

My boys

The market takes place on a couple of downtown streets.

And the Hutterites own many of the stalls and sell the best produce and bake the most amazing old fashioned breads and desserts.

Jack's favorite part of any market are the street musicians.

But we'll take this gorgeous produce any day.

Then Jack found the harmonica guy. He was in love.

After our trip to the market, Jack got in some walking practice. The boy is getting so good and so close to taking off!

Go Jack, go!
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Lindsay said...

Yay! And yes, it was a beautiful morning. :)

Ashley said...

All your blogs about the farmers market make me want to check out a real one, not the one in Havre. While James is in the NICU here in Great falls I might try to check theirs out!