Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gramps to the Rescue

Thank goodness for grandparents.

This week Jon is away on business. My father (aka Cheeks, as Jack calls him) has arrived for a few days to help me out. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but Jack need constant walking help. That is all he wants to do. For him, walking is where it's at.  Sometimes, I can get a few moments of rest with a DVD playing and some new toys set out in from of him. But mostly, Jack just wants mommy so he can walk.  If I am not near him, he scoots over to wherever I am working or sitting and starts to climb up on me, reaching for my hands so I can, yes, walk him around.

Why don't we use his handy walker/gait trainer more, you ask? Well, sad story, but our hallways are really narrow. Jack gets stuck more often than not and this produces quite the meltdown. And how can I blame the boy? He just wants some independence. To be able to explore.

This is where Cheeks comes in extra handy. Two of us walking Jack around is a piece of cake. In fact, Jack is napping as I type this, but I have all these exciting ideas about maybe even tackling some projects that get neglected just as soon as he wakes up. Maybe even some deep cleaning? Gasp! Oh what fun!

Thanks, Cheeks, for coming to help me out.

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1 comment:

Julie said...

So glad he is there to help you! Grampas are the best! :)