Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flathead Vacation: Part 2

: Photos and Memories of our Trip :

My newlywed friend, Erin, just moved to Somers (right outside of Kalispell) a few weeks ago. She invited us over for coffee and her amazing healthy, baked goods. I felt so spoiled!

And we had cherries. Delicious Flathead cherries.

Can I just mention now how cute Erin is? Being all domestic and everything :)

Jack kept entertained by various kitchen utensils.

Really - why do we even buy toys?

We were able to relax and chat over coffee. Pretty much my most favorite thing to do.

Kitchen utensils are good for tickling, too!

And he continued to play with his beloved lids, cups, spoons, and bowls.

We had such a great time! Thanks for having us over!

Later that day, Cheeks (Gramps), Uncle Bryce and Auntie Kay drove two hours to visit us and to watch Jack while we went to an adults only dinner.

We decided to make the most of our afternoon together and headed to downtown Whitefish.

At this point, Jack just wasn't into it anymore. He'd had enough of being in the car and traveling all around. Thank goodness we had a lot of help to distract him!

I have to pause right now and say that I'm sure going to miss Kay. She only visits once a year and is leaving today in a couple of hours. I'm sure there will be lots of tears at the airport. We love her so much.

Jack's favorite playmate, Cheeks, distracted him for a bit longer while the rest of us visited some more.

Did I mention how nice it was to have them come two hours to watch Jack for us? Jack is in this odd stage right now and I feel the need to explain:

We've been wondering lately why Jack seems so discontent. He really is. He is frustrated a lot of the time and nothing seems to make him happy. This trip really magnified a personality shift that is taking place right now in Jack. I'd be remiss not to mention that we are a little worried.

We know he desperately wants to move. He wants to walk. He is just not happy if we aren't walking him around. He wants to explore. Cognitively, he is developed right around his adjusted age of 23 months. Imagine a two year old who cannot move and play, but desperately wants to. We are chalking this change, plain and simple, to him being frustrated. It's hard to see our little guy, who used to be all smiles and cuddles, lash out in anger at us. He is starting to hit and scratch and sometimes bite. Other mamas out there - I'd welcome any advice you have!

So this trip was marked with an unhappy Jack. It's sad to say, but if anything, I want this blog to be truthful to life with a micro preemie. We made the most of it, but I believe it's hard to travel with young kids, no matter what their health issues.

Jack is our boy and we want him to be happy. We know his internal struggle and drive to move is what will motivate him to do so. It's just hard as a parent to watch.

He sure is cute, though.

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Michelle said...

He is really cute. I love all the pictures you take. Jack's eyes are so gorgeous. I unfortunately don't have any advice, but I'll be praying for you guys. Does Jack use signs or words to communicate? I think Camdyn gets frustrated pretty easily too because she can't tell us what she wants. Best wishes.

Jacqueline said...

Tirzah started being very difficult behaviorally at about 3. I have questioned if this is due to her prematurity, the fact she is a girl, the age... I have taken her to our regular doctor because of some of the outbursts she was having and felt like I was at the end of my rope. The doctor said she thinks Tirzah is right on track and to stay strong and consistent. She will be 5 in December and some days can be extremely challenging. The only advice I can offer is be very consistent with poor behavior and pray a lot!

The fact that he wants to be on the go and struggles to be independent will definitely lead to frustration and negative behavior. I know from experience that it can be hard to discipline when they have had to fight so hard, but it is worth it in the end.

Praying things get better!

Debbie said...

I can understand that he's frustrated. Your friend is right. Just keep encouraging him, and keep on top of the undesired behavior. He has to learn that that is not acceptable. You are doing such a wonderful job. Keep drawing your strength from God.

Daria said...

First of all, love the photos! Then secondly, if Jack is developmentally on track, then this may be the beginning of the "terrible twos" . It is very frustrating with a typical child, and I know it will be frustrating for our kiddos too. If you think the main source of frustration is not being able to move, I'd suggest having him in the gait trainer ALL the time. That one you have is AWESOME. He can rest if he is tired, and he can also explore. I also am not sure where he is at, communication wise, but I'm hoping you guys might be working with a SLP? Perhaps using some sign? Or at least working on communication? Gia is non verbal, but she does communicate (most of the time). Our family might be the only ones who know what she wants, but at least someone has figured it out. Good luck, not an easy time. But be assured that he will grow out of it.

Ps. G took a step today! Ive been working her a lot lately, lots of walking with the gait trainer. Sorry, had to sneak in some good news ;)

Jenny said...

Jessi, I can soooo relate to what you guys are going through! Heath is also super moody lately, and I have a tendency to think it is all down to his physical challenges. My friends with typical kids tell me that their kids went through similar phases! It's really a mystery. There is just no handbook for our special kids when it comes to their psychological and emotional development. I have noticed that sometimes Heath gets really moody, disorganized, and seems to regress right before a developmental leap. Acquiring language has been like this....He was so pleasant just 2-3 weeks ago, saying "Thank you" to everyone, really pretty happy with himself. Now he can't bring himself to say a word to a stranger and spent most of a kids' party today whining unless I was hoisting him up to the slide 100 times in a row. The gait trainer helps, but he also needs to work on other skills. I think I need to be more firm with him about entertaining himself, working with the bum-scooting mobility he does have, finding things to do on his own. It's so hard Jessi, and hard to know if they would be just as difficult if they were typical! I do keep telling him that whining and demanding is not OK. Hopefully next week will be better!!