Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flathead Trip: Part 3

: Photos and Memories of our Trip :

There is this crazy little place on a highway that leads to Glacier National Park. It's called the "Montana Vortex" (something to do with magnetic plates in the earth) and on the outside of this tourist trap is this big ole' chair and you just have to get your picture taken in it. It's a right of passage.

Here is Jack sitting in the big chair for his very first Glacier trip.

And pretty much scared out of his mind.

We're good parents like that.

This totally unique place also has strange, fake animals in which to get your picture taken in front of.

But the huge redeeming factor of our stop here on the way to Glacier National Park was this picture. I can hardly get Jack to look in the direction of my camera, so this was an amazing shot.

I am in love.

With this one, too.

One of the things you HAVE to do when you are on your way to Glacier is stop at the Huckleberry Patch. I have so many memories of this place growing up. I went to summer camp each year just down the road from this place. Love love love.

And get a huckleberry shake while you're at it!

Then we made it to the entrance of Glacier National Park.

Our first stop was at Lake McDonald.

Jack is still not too sure about the water. Although this was freezing because it is glacial water.

After our stop at the lake, we started to make our way up Going to the Sun Road (which by the way is the steepest, narrowest road ever!) Along the way they have little turn offs where you can get out and snap some pics... just don't get too close to the edge!

At this point I really wish I had some awesome story about how we made it to the top of the pass, had a little picnic and then meandered in the still unmelted snow. But no. Our car decided to die. On the narrowest, steepest part of the road. And not only did it die. It smoked and sputtered and was all dramatic on us. Thankfully right at the very moment our car died, a nice teenage boy was coming down the road in his truck. He stopped and said "do you need a tow?" And we were like "seriously?! YES!" He towed us to the top of the pass, to the visitor center.

While waiting to figure out how we were going to get off the glacier, we encountered funny tourist moments like this:

And this:

Here is our totally dead car, with the nice ranger helping us out. And a bighorn sheep that was comfortable coming up in our business.

After waiting for our overheated car to cool down, and realizing that it would cost us an arm and a leg to get towed off the mountain glacier, we decided to slowly make our way down the narrow road, stopping every five minutes or so. We had to or else our car would probably overheat and explode. Seriously.

At least I got some pretty pics out of it.

We did have a wonderful trip, despite leaving the Flathead with a rental car. Yes, our Jeep is still there and we have to go all the way back to pick it up. Yes, car troubles suck. But really, we had a wonderful time, full of fun memories.
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Rebekah said...

Experiences like this make some of the best memories. You will definitley be able to laugh at this memory later on.... and I desperatley want one of those huckleberry shakes right now!

Michelle said...

That picture of Jack smiling is just priceless. Your pictures are always so beautiful, but that one is amazing!

Babs said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry. What a pain. Glad to see you smiling through it! Great pictures!

Jenny said...

Oh no! Well, at least you left with smiles on your faces. Jack looks pricelessly cute at the Vortex and dipping his toes in the water!