Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Dinner

We spent the weekend in Jon's hometown of Billings, Montana. Jack had a Dr's appointment there late last week, so we extended our stay to spend some time with the family. After the farmer's market, we (Jon) made dinner for everyone. It was an all day process.

: Photos and Memories of our Family Dinner :

Jon is an excellent chef. It's one of his most favorite hobbies and he is always experimenting and perfecting recipes. He used the opportunity of a big crowd to try his hand at Venezuelan arepas. 

Jack was his right hand man.

Jack spent most of the time right there by Jon's feet... getting into cupboards and playing with cups and spoons.

But once things started to get cookin' in the kitchen, Jack went to play with his cousins.

flying kites

Meanwhile Jon started to form the arepas.

And got them frying on the stove.

And Auntie Erin got Jack the coolest IKEA toy farm. He is going to love it! Thanks Auntie Erin!

At family dinners there are many discussions. This weekend was all about the debt ceiling, Obama, and S & P's downgrade. You just wish you were there!

And the BEST bread baker, Grandma Winterholler, was able to join us.

Jack found his way back to the kitchen.

group shot!

Best buds

Arepas going into the oven. Almost ready!


sooooo very good...

Post dinner conversations.

Cutie Eli

We love family dinners

The end.
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Debbie said...

Would he be willing to share the recipe for those? They look really good!

Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Wow. I've just eaten dinner but now I'm hungry again.

Go Jon!

amy said...

oh my gosh - dinner looks so yummy - and the kitchen is gorgeous!

Julie said...

you are a lucky woman! :)

Sarah Pope said...

Wow! Those look SOO yummy! How blessed you are to have a hubby that cooks (and cooks WELL!) I'd love to be there to hear the discussion...sounds like my kind of afternoon! I love how you showed the day unfold.