Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Boy and his Dog

I've never blogged about the unique relationshp between Jack and our golden retriever, Daisy, before. I may have mentioned they have a tenuous relationship, but it's much more than that.

Like many first time parents, our actual first child was Daisy. If you can take care of a dog, maybe you can make the step to parenthood, right? When we got her, we included her in just about everything we did. Her days were spent cuddling up next to us on the couch and sleeping just about anywhere she wanted. She had the house to herself and made herself quite at home.

Then Jack came.

And not only Jack, but many pieces of medical equipment. Immediately, we saw a change in Daisy. She was timid, almost afraid, especially of Jack's oxygen tubing, which she seemed to get tangled up in constantly. We would scream "DAISY!!!" in our loudest voice whenever she got tangled and I think it scared her half to death. We were scared she was going to rip the oxygen from it's cozy, taped on Jack's face position. Not a good proposition.

Daisy retreated down into the basement and has largely spent most of her time there since. It's sad... I know. But, I have big hopes for Jack and Daisy's relationship as he gets older. Hopefully they will become BFF's. Right now, he is still unsure. He often uses Daisy's fur to pull at. And I've seen him purposefully grab and pull that hair when he is mad. And then Jack gets scolded for it. And Daisy thinks we are scolding her. Poor girl.

I've seen some sweet moments though, that give me hope. Whenever Daisy enters the room, Jack lets out a sigh and says "Daisy" in his cute little voice, happy to see her. He has started to be more gentle with her. He loves it when she races around the backyard. He giggles with delight. I want him to be able to race after her!

Here's hoping the boy and his dog become best buds.

What? You don't let your kid play in the dog food?

P.S. Don't judge! Grandma let him :)

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Sarah Pope said...

I'm sure they will have a great relationship one of these days. Our family dogs eventually became very protective of us as children, even though we didn't start out on the best of terms! PS...if you are like me, I'd jokingly say, "Sure, I'd feed my kid dog long as he'd actually EAT IT!" (ok, not really..but sometimes it feels like that.)

Shannon said...

So sweet! They will be best buds, I'm sure of it. And yes, our kids play in dog food, dirt, mud, foods - pretty much anything that will stimulate their senses! :)

kasey said...

It looks like they're on their way to becoming BBs! WOnderful post! XO

amy said...

such a sweet story...we have TWO big dogs, my other bebe's, and ryan LOVES them. the older male tolerates him, but the younger female lets him do whatever....bless her heart. our biggest issue is him getting knocked over when they come back inside. He now tells them "don't knock the baby".

He's not so much into their food, but the dog biscuits...he says they are yummy......i have to put them way high on a shelf or he will eat them...lots of them. so so so gross.

katieoz said...

that's so sweet. Claire and our kitty were at odds for a bit because she was rough but soon she grew out of that and they were snuggle buddies :) And the dog, that was dangerous to leave me with it as a kid :) I would dole it out, one for the dog and one for me. yeaahh...kinda like the kid that drinks pool water. ugh.