Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Worm

I hadn't heard from Jack in over thirty minutes. I knew he was playing in his room, but I didn't know what he was up to. It was just too quiet in there. I tip-toed down the hallway to find Jack with piles and piles of books around him, meticulously going through each page. Jack has always loved books, but I've never observed him concentrating for so long.

And it didn't stop after thirty minutes. I kept taking peeks of him and there he would be, book open on his lap, inspecting each page. For well over an hour, Jack read his books.

What a little book worm.

We went over to a friends house this week and Jack dove right into the big basket of books. A little smile on his face. My boy was happy as could be with another big pile 'o books.

A special shout out to The Hasler Show for sending Jack some super cute clothes all the way from their home in England! I'd say Jack looks mighty posh in his new shirt. It's the perfect shirt to wear while reading, wouldn't you say?

Jack was so content with his book pile. He even let mommy sit down for a cup of coffee with a friend!

Side note: I am jealous of said friend's hair. Serious hair envy right now.

I also wanted to tell you all about Jack's favorite new book - a communication book, made by Julie. Julie's not only my friend, but she's also a pretty great speech therapist. I've been telling her about Jack's growing frustration when he can't say what he wants. She suggested a communication book awhile back, but I never got around to doing it. After putting it on my Incredibly Long To-Do List, she offered to make it for me! How nice was that?! This is such a cool idea and could be replicated for any kiddo that is struggling to communicate.

Each page has a super large, color picture with the word beneath it. All the pages are laminated and spiral bound. Julie asked me for pictures of Jack's favorite things, people, foods, toys, etc. Here are some of the pages:

And as you can probably guess, Jack loves his new book.

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Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

You must be so proud to have such an inquisitive child, I hope Felix loves his books as much as Jack does! Love the top on Jack also, uber handsome as usual.
Stay cool, stay smart!
The Haslers x

Julie said...

So glad he likes it! I loved making it for him. :)

Lauren said...

That's KATIE!!! I know Katie from WAY BACK WHEN from Powell. :) She's a great girl! How cute of Jack to read those books. He's darling, Jessi. Hugs..

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous - Cade just rips up the pages of any book he gets a hold of. We have to put all my daughter's library books up high on the shelf so he doesn't tear them up! I love the communication book. I'm going to definitely make one (probably two) for the twins. Great idea!

Our Beautiful Family said...

Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! I have to make one for Owen! Has this book helped Jack to express himself? Owen just ends up screaming when we don't know what he is trying to show us. He doesn't talk yet but knows some sign language. It would be great if he could turn to a picture :)

Sarah Pope said...

What a wonderful trait to have! The communication book is amazing! I've been thinking of doing something similar with pictures and magnets to put on our fridge. I'd love to know if this ends up working for you!