Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Chefs

It takes a ridiculous amount of self control not to upload each and every adorable picture I take of Jack onto Facebook or Twitter. I don't want to be "that mom" who floods the newsfeed. But sometimes, I just can't resist. Today was one of those days.

Maybe you saw this:

I mean, seriously! How could I not post it?

Earlier this week we had Jon's little brother (through BBBS) over to our house. The night was designated as Ravioli Night with the idea in mind to make homemade, from scratch ravioli and sauce. We had three chefs working the kitchen that night.

You may be wondering where the third chef was? Well, Jack was getting a little jealous that daddy brought a young friend over. In fact, he was throwing quite a fit and getting in the way, so the doggy gate had to come out.

"Mommy! Can't you see how mad I am?!"

The tantrum only lasted about an... HOUR. Yep, Jack screamed for a good hour. He wasn't distracted by anything. He sat by the doggy gate the whole time. Finally, he calmed down enough to let me snap a cute picture of all three of the boys.

Here are our wonderful chefs!

P.S. The four cheese ravioli were AMAZING, especially with roasted tomatoes from the Missoula Farmer's Market.

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Julie said...

Jack is an official 2 yr old. But that picture...oh it broke my heart.

Rebekah said...

I'm with Julie, I almost cried with Jack. He has the saddest "mad face." Love that he is such a Daddy's boy.

Emily Real said...

Maybe because I'm not a mom yet, but I loved the tantrum pictures can just feel his misery, but they are so funny at the same time, sweet boy. :) I love how well he snapped back for his cute after shot (even though it wasn't a quick snap-back, it was a good one...he looks so happy again). :)

Lindsay said...

Aww, the one of Jack beaming in his apron as he cooks with Jon. What a happy boy (aside from the 2-year old meltdown moments, that is). ;)