Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Blog?

Lately, I've been striving to blog with authenticity and with purpose. Life with Jack is a photo journal blog of sorts, but I also get the chance to expand on the wide range of issues that go along with having a micro preemie child. In the blogging world, it's hard not to get blinded by the idea of "growing your blog" and "growing your readership".  And I don't want this endeavor to become something where I am constantly checking my numbers and stats, seeing how many new hits I've gotten. Yes, my blog has grown these past months and that has been exciting, but that's not what it's all about.

What I really want to focus on is this community that surrounds us and supports Jack.  When Jack was born and I did a simple google search, there were only a handful of blogs dedicated to micro preemie life, and they were not up to date. I was desperate for answers. I wanted to hear and see what other micros looked like and what their day to day life with like. I NEEDED the support. It took me two years to find it.

So that is my hope with this blog - to shed some light on micro preemie life. I want to remain authentic to my original intent.  To tell the world about a 23 weeker who is beating the odds. To chronicle the good and bad times. That's all.

One of the reasons I have enjoyed blogging so much lately is reader comments. I have been blown away by the thoughtful, poignant, and kind words left by, oftentimes, strangers. The comments by people I have never met, but who choose to follow our journey and in that special way, become part of it. That's what I've been loving.

I've had many a "aha" moment just by reading your thoughts and opinions. What is an "aha" moment? It's a "moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom - wisdom you can use to change your life." Many of you have micro preemies or children with health issues and you comment. Others have the wisdom of parenting under their belt and can offer the best advice. And some of you are friends who read and just want to encourage. I really, sincerely appreciate all of it.

I've decided to start highlighting reader comments from time to time. These are the comments that stick with me and give me an "aha" moment. Our first one is from Alyssa, mother to twin micropreemie girls, commenting on The NICU Leave It's Mark:

"I remember after the girls were born I was always confused when people would ask me, 'how do you do it?' The answer was obvious to me because it wasn't a choice. I had to do it. They were my babies. But now when I'm on the other side again, I understand what they were asking. How do you do THAT? How do you go to sleep when you don't know if your baby will be alive when you wake up? How do you take the scary news from the doctors each day? How do you look at your baby hooked up to 20 machines and struggling to breathe...struggling to survive? How do you leave your baby at the end of each day? I honestly don't know how anyone can do that. But we have done it. The strength comes from somewhere."

So here's to being authentic in this blogging journey. To growing a community. To support each other in our struggles and rejoice in our accomplishments. So thankful you are on this ride with me.
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Babs said...

You are doing an amazing job! I really think you have hit your stride in your blog. There is something so powerful about community. Keep up the beautiful writing!

Jen said...

Just came across your blog through twitter :)
your sweet little man is SO adorable!!!
I'm so thankful for this micro-preemie community as well. I remember searching for hours when my girls were born. And all I did come across was awful! I vowed to stop researching and start a happy story!
There have been LOTS of challenges but LOTS more beauty :)

Mom Can I? said...

You are doing a great job..my life is different than yours because I have the big three burn then we are similar because we have to worry about pt..milestones..etc. your post made me stop and think about what I want to share ...so I thank you. Moms have to be there for each other ..

Sarah Pope said...

I love what Jen just said about having a hard time finding a HAPPY story. Most were so depressing. I love your blog because of your optimistic attitude...how you focus on the good and pray about the rest. You're such an inspiration. I look to see if you've updated at least three times a day. lol.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you went for it! I've loved the new focus and you encourage me. So glad I can call you friend!

Jacqueline said...

Your blog is a blessing to those who need hope, encouragement and see that the most beautiful things can come from ashes!

Although I would never wish a premature birth on any family and never wish to experience it again I am thankful for the lessons learned. When our daughter, Tirzah, was born at 24 weeks it opened up a whole new world! I had never given much thought to preemies or how often it occurred until I sat in the NICU next to my 1 lb. 3 oz. daughter,surrounded by 19 other little babies.

Her birth changed my faith dramatically. When I prayed I prayed with my soul, when I believed I believed with my being. Someone asked me about a month after she was born if I was able to sleep. I answered yes and their response was, "Jesus slept through the storm." I was reminded that Jesus was in this storm with us.

My heart was in so many places. I had a 27 month old son who's life was turned upside down. Everyone sacrificed! Our family walked through fire and we came out on the other side...intact. And all I can simply say is "Jesus." He took us through an extraordinary journey or faith, hope and love!

Jord said...

After spending more than 3 months in the NICU with my micro preemie son it is so nice to find others out there going through the same thing. When they took my son at 26 weeks I had no idea what was in store for me. I wish that I would have found your blog then. I started to blog myself, but didn't know where to go with it. Your blog shows me there is a purpose to my thoughts beside an update of Luke's issues. I hope that it will help at least one person like you have helped many. Thank you !