Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Reads

In honor of spreading the love of all things good and for your weekend reading pleasure, I'm going to link to some excellent blogging friends - all with preemies or kids with special needs. These are the blogs that I follow regularly. They inspire me to be a better mom to Jack and encourage me when the going gets tough. I have found so much online support on this journey, and a lot of it has come from these blogs.

But it gets even better. I've decided to not only give you a link to their blog, but I've tried to pick out a favorite post so you can get a taste of what their writing is like.

Here we go:

An Unexpected Path - When Did It Start?

Remember baby Gia? Gia went to Seattle Children's Hospital a few months before Jack for tube weaning. She has been such an inspiration to us. You absolutely need to check out this post because it is one of pure joy and CELEBRATION.

Tiny Miracles - We Don't Want Your Germs

This is a must read. It is super hard being the parent of a micro preemie when you are constantly worrying about your child catching a cold or the flu. Alyssa eloquently states her case for why others need to be considerate of micro preemie needs.

The Hasler Show - Dad and the Strange Man

Hands down, my favorite new preemie blog. And here's the catch - it is written by a father, through the eyes of preemie Felix. And it is so stinkin' funny. Currently Felix is living his days in a NICU in England. Prepare yourself for that dry, witty, British humor. Love it.

Parenting the Preemie Pope - What You Shouldn't Say

Much like my "What Not to Say" post, Sarah blogs her perspective on how to talk to someone with a micro preemie. And she does with so much grace and love.

Preemie Pierce - Look How Far We've Come

Remember praying for Pierce? Well he survived and is truly a miracle baby.

The Crunchy and the Smooth - Blossoming Things

Heath is a little boy much like Jack. He is in the process of completely re-wiring his brain through intense therapy and personal growth. And he is pretty darn cute. Check out this post about that delicate balance, almost a dance, between pushing your child in therapy and what needs to be motivation coming from within.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.
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Mr and Mrs Hasler said...

Firstly thank you very much for your lovely comments about our blog. I'm glad you and others enjoy it, we always check your blog and it always gives us a huge smile and keeps us in the positive zone.

Secondly, thank you for sharing all the other blogs. I have just been reading through them and they are wonderful. Some amazing stories shared. Keep up the good work !


Felix and Co.

Sarah Pope said...
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Sarah Pope said...

Oh Jessi, thank you so much for linking Samuels blog. It has been such a blessing to know your sweet family through Jacks blog- you are such a source of an encouragement to me through both your comments on my blog and the way you love Jack. He is one VERY lucky boy to have a momma like you!