Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pool Time

Jack's Uncle Bryce and Auntie Kay spoil him rotten. They are always finding the cutest little toy or outfit and bringing if from their home in China or from Europe where Auntie Kay works. They really are the best gift givers and are so thoughtful.

They got to visit this past weekend and check out what Jackpants got. Seriously cutest thing ever! (ok, maybe not as cute as this, but pretty darn close).

Albeit blurry picture, Jack in his Superman swimwear!

And yes, that is a Superman swim cap.

I die.

The weather got hot hot hot this past weekend, so we got out Jack's little pool. His first time in a pool, in fact.

And it has a cape!

We didn't know how Jack would react to being in the little pool. It took him a bit, but eventually he relaxed right in and enjoyed a cool dip.

Thanks Bryce and Kay!

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Julie said...

oh the swim cap...

Shannon said...


Babs said...

I love it!